• [1] How can I connect the watch to the phone?

    First of all, make sure you have Bluetooth on your mobile. Download the application indicated in the instructions and link it through the application. Never from the Bluetooth of your mobile.

    You can see the tutorial for each watch in its section of the web.

  • [2] I still can’t connect …

    Check that your watch is not linked to another mobile. If it has been linked to an Iphone, go to the Bluetooth of the Iphone and select “Skip device”.

    Verify that you are using the correct application that the instructions indicate.

    Activate all the permissions of the application on the mobile.

    Make sure you have the latest version of the application installed and that the watch has updated firmware. You can view or update it in the mobile application.

    If performing all these steps failed to link it, reset the clock and try again following the steps in the instructions.

    You can see the tutorial for each watch in its section of the web.

  • [3] I don’t get notifications on the watch …

    To receive the notifications, you have to activate them from the mobile application. And you can select the ones you want to reach you and the ones you don’t.

    If you have an android mobile, you have to have activated the application overlay on your mobile phone, to allow the application to work in the background.

  • [4] Can I answer WhatsApp from the watch?

    No, they can only be read on our watch models.

  • [5] Can I answer calls from my watch?

    You can only answer calls with the SZ8 model. With the other models you only get the notice.

  • [6] How can I activate the clock functions?

    You can activate all the functions of the watch, such as the alarm or others, from the mobile application.

  • [7] Can I use the watch without carrying my mobile?

    Yes. You can exercise or wear the watch without your mobile. Once they reconnect, all the data on the mobile will be synchronized.

  • [8] Medical measurements are not correct …

    First of all, make sure you have removed all the protective plastics from the measurement sensors. And then, to inform you that our watches do not have the precision of the professional medical measuring devices, and that they only show approximate calculations in relation to the personal data previously entered in the application. Therefore, our watches are not a substitute for medical tests such as blood pressure or blood oxygen.

  • [9] Are they submersible?

    There are different degrees of protection and resistance to water.

    IP67: Technically, it would have to withstand being in the water for less than 30 minutes and less than a meter deep. But how do you control this? For this reason, we do not advise the immersion of the watches and we do not accept their return as a guarantee, since we consider them to be only WATERPROOF.
    We also do not recommend showering with hot water, as the same water vapor can affect both the battery and the clock module.
    Also avoid sudden changes in temperature.

    IP68: It is the highest degree of protection that a smartwatch can have against water and dust.
    It has complete protection against immersions greater than 1 meter and for a minimum time of 30 minutes, so we can guarantee its total resistance to water.
    In any case, we recommend avoiding sudden changes in temperature and hot showers or baths.

    Avoid getting the watch wet if it has any color bath. The durability of the baths depend on the use you give it.